DinoFest is an exciting outdoor events company which has entertained 40,000 'time travellers' since starting in 2016.

The idea for 'Dinosaurs in Botanic Gardens' was conceived on a family trip to the South Island of New Zealand. Driving through deep valleys covered in tree ferns and lush rainforest, we almost expected to meet a T-rex coming round the corner!


We were incredibly grateful to partner with GNS Earth Science, Auckland, and Wellington Botanic Gardens in our first year.


Our event is based on the community of New Zealand dinosaurs whose fossil remains were discovered by Dr Joan Whiffen last century in Hawkes Bay.


We tell the story of Gondwana, the ancient supercontinent which once included the land which is now New Zealand.


The pines, ferns, and cycads in today's botanic gardens are almost identical to the plants and trees which grew here 70 million years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the world!


Visit our Facebook page or gallery to see more video, photos and feedback from people who have enjoyed our dinosaurs!


We hope you enjoy our event.